Mentor Electronics

Mentor Electronics is a worldwide integrated circuit distributor and semiconductor broker. We created a new logo that reinforces their expertise, plus a modern brand system that extends a cohesive look and voice to their products and services.

business card design
Behind the Scenes

To evoke technology, a circuit pattern is used as a secondary graphic element on their stationary, business collateral, online media and trade show booth.

trade show booth design
email design
email design
Return Business

We developed an email campaign using a mixture of targeted messaging and striking visuals to attract new customers and encourage current customers to keep coming back.

web design
web design
We built a simple, contemporary website that is streamlined, intuitive and easy for visitors to access the inventory database to place orders.
tshirt design
ad design
sell sheet
sell sheet design
A Credible Voice

We developed a bold new visual identity to help reinforce the integrity and experience of Mentor Electronics with a consistent message and a smart, professional look across every touchpoint.

Services Provided

    Concept & Design
    Brand Development
    Art Direction
    Web Design